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January 2016

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Isn't it? ^_^ It's one of my favourite Sailormoon manga pictures, and the border is an awesome picture of a nebula I found.
I've seen that nebula before.

I think on APOD.
That's where I got it from ^_^ It's the Pipe Dark Nebula.
That would be it.

APOD is awesome, innit?
It is. So many pretty pictures.... ^_^

Isn't it great? Someone on metaquotes was using it, and I asked them if I could gank it.

I'm seriously considering getting a paid account just so I have more room for all the awesome icons I've found and want to use.
Since I started using this journal, it's been friends only. I recently twigged to the fact that there's no public post where people can ask to be added, so I found a couple of pretty pictures to make a friends only picture, and put it into a public post.


nice art

Re: very

*nods* Isn't it? The artist, Naoko Takeuchi, is awesome. She's my favourite manga-ka, so of course the friends only image I decided to use would be one of her Sailormoon pictures ^_^

I just wish I could draw half as well as she does.
omg, I love it :D

I haven't seen manga Sailor moon in AGES. Naoko's art is amazing....
Thanks ^_^ And yes, she is. I love her work. And, of course, me being the huge Sailormoon fangirl that I am, I couldn't have a friends only image of anything but all the Senshi ^_^ This one's one of my favourites.
If I ever go FO I'm totally using some sort of picture from Lain. And this is me being not as into anime as some.

I did make this one but that was experimental.
Lain is way cool. I can see how you'd get some cool FO images for that.

That one of the moon is pretty ^_^
Thanks ^_^ Was tempted to use a picture of Neptune and Uranus hugging, but decided that in this case it was more appropriate to use my favourite picture of all nine Senshi rather than one of my favourite yuri couple.
Permission to friend?
Either way, let me know RE - Shadowrun availabilities.
- Rob (SPAGS vintage 2003)
Friended ^_^

I keep looking at your user name and thinking Althalus, from The Redemption of Althalus...
Actually, it's supposed to be Athleas, the healing plant from LotR, but I wasn't in the land of wakefulness at the time that I created my first online account, so I commited a typo, which I've stuck by ever since.
Will you be my friend?

Sorry, am at work and can only reply to email notification, rather than check LJ (and user infos) myself. Who are you?
Well, I'm tall, dork and handsome...

OK, I'm Jiří

Hmmm, going out on a limb, I'm making a guess here. Do Game Masters count as friends? If I'm right then hopefully this is the home of the ominous quotes that you were taking down last Earth Dawn session...
Of course! Haven't actually posted the entry I wrote of that session...I really need to post it. I've already had several people laughing IRL over the "Gee, you're awfully bad-tempered for a troll" remark.
LOL! Its a shame that you didn't make it to the last session, but hopefully you'll make it to the next one.

We all missed you, partly because nobody can taunt pheline as well as you do. Besides, he always sits close enough to you so that you can hit him, while we have to be content with throwing stuff at him. *grin*
Of course. I've had better practise at it *grins*
hello! this is corinna from the foam ball and cab noc last friday.
Hi there! Got home fine without any tram-chasing, I take it?

Sure thing, and added.
Hello :)
(Comment above by Nick, the guy who stupidly relies on icons!)
Kelly here from... well, various events. Permission to friend?
Pam from Perth wants to be added!
We'll always have Sydney...

I saw your info on the WoW Friending Meme and thought that we might get along.
I'm horde-side on Kirin Tor.

Would it be alright if I added you? :)
Sure ^_^
And because I can't remember if I had it in the friending meme of not: My KT toons are Zeraida, Liriel, and Jayah.
Oh! I should probably tell you mine, as well!

Baelia is my main (belf rogue). I'll make sure to add your characters to my friendslist on there. owo
*scatters some petals*
Hi~ I got here via wow_ladies & you seem really interesting. hope it's ok that I added you! take care~
Sure thing :-)