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January 2016

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2013 Victorian Senate Ballot - Ticket P – Building Australia Party

Ticket P – Building Australia Party http://www.buildingaustralia.org.au/

The Building Australia Party was formed in 2010, on the basis of being against further regulations on the Australian building industry. It is lead by building designer Raymond Brown, who is the former national president of the Building Designers Association of Australia.

Their policies:
For: housing affordability, land affordability, releasing more land for building, deferring the up-front infrastructure cost, an Independent Building Commission to evaluate all legislation and regulations that affect the building/construction/planning industries, review the Home Owners Warranty Insurance scheme, sustainable and environmentally sound development, using cost-efficient technologies in energy and water saving, better management of Australia’s river systems, more investment in piped irrigation systems, support the growth and viability of inland towns, support nurses, improve nurse to patient ratio, assist Australian citizen/resident access to public health, make the public health system more efficient, support preventative medicine, construct Regional Centres of Excellence to supply specialist medical services to regional areas, support the establishment of accessible eye/ear/dental specialists, support aged and disabled care carers, reduce costs and planning delays for new homes and extensions, harmonise planning controls, review the Workers Compensation Act, establish an industry based fund to cover costs of injury/illness of building and construction industry workers, workers comp premiums to be collected at the building approval stage, amend the Workers Compensation Act, public transport, traffic reduction, regional rail and transport hubs, improve and integrate interstate rail links, national vocational licensing scheme, ensure the status of contractors/subcontractors in all industries

Against: being totally green at all costs, excessive traffic, traffic and transport ‘quick fixes’

Top 10: Bullet Train for Australia, Rise Up Australia Party, Australian Voice Party, Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, Bank Reform Party, Animal Justice Party, Drug Law Reform, Stop CSG, No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics, Help End Marijuana Prohibition

Bottow 10: Secular Party of Australia, Palmer United Party, The Australian Republicans, Stop the Greens, Smokers Rights, Liberal Democrats, Liberal/The Nationals, Australian Labor Party, The Greens, Socialist Equality Party

Where is my vote likely to end?: Family First or the DLP