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January 2016

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2013 Victorian Senate Ballot - Ticket Q – Australian Voice Party

Ticket Q – Australian Voice Party http://av.org.au/

The Australian Voice Party was registered in 2013 by John Turner. They run on a platform of political reform, and promise that any elected members will follow the will of their electorate, not their party.

Their policies:
For: replace MP salaries/pensions/superannuation/allowances/retirement benefits with a fixed allowance and a superannuation in line with other Australians, MPs retiring during their term for any reason other than ill health to fund the costs of the by-election to replace them, the AEC to run debates during election campaigns involving all registered parties and broadcast these on TV and radio, political donations to be limited to $5k per person/business per election cycle, review the Fringe Benefits Tax, import levies, a Small Business Impact Statement in every major policy initiative, a review of Ombudsmen/Commissioners in regard to discrimination against small businesses, strengthening the Franchising Code of Conduct, review the Franchising Code of Conduct, east coast high speed train link, investigate the viability of a second Sydney airport, better consultation with community and business, a freexe on the sale of farming properties in possession of mortgages, lower funding costs for farmers, greater autonomy over their land for farmers, Indigenous Australian communities to be offered development priority for aquaculture and hydroponics ventures, allowing superannuation to be drawn down for mortgage reduction on homes, restoring accountability and transparency to all levels of government, 30% increase in the aged pension, lower income tax for seniors, tax incentives for small business to employ seniors, stabilities the superannuation rules, increasing the income level for Health Care Card eligibility, dental care to be included in Medicare, migrants must speak or learn English and integrate into Australian communities and culture, realistic humanitarian quotas, an investigation into the banking industry, a close examination of banking industry regulators, more stringent testing of food imports, strict genetic guidelines and bioengineering restrictions, mandatory truth in labelling, medical treatment tourism, reform of aged care policy, restoring the mental health system, review health impacts on servicemen and women, address health worker safety, reinstall a health watchdog, Denticare, medical intervention except on proven and acceptable religious grounds, fair indexation of military superannuation, equitable treatment of veteran’s disability pensions, a single compensation regime for all current and former members of the ADF, increased funding for veteran health care, increased funding for veteran community accommodation, whistleblower protection legistlation, bio-fuels, technologies to produce hydrogen and crude oil from plant matter, sustainable energy solutions, greening of creek and river banks, planting hardwood forests, sustainable building and utility design, fishing, tax reform,

Against: parliamentary pensions for life, parliamentary retirement benefits (such as travel passes), political donations from companies/unions/foundations with a vested interest, carbon price, emissions trading scheme, anti-competitive behaviour, predatory pricing, collusive behaviour, corporations that provide services within Australia using off-shore jobs, foreign ownership of farmland, expansion of coal seam gas operations until there is complete confidence that there are no negative environmental impacts, the influence of party politics and corporations in governments, the party whip system, illegal immigrants, ‘economic refugees’, banks not passing on the full reductions of official interest rates, high retail mortgage rates, high credit card interest rates, GMOs, interference/change in jury process principles, marine parks, corporate welfare, supporting the car industry big business tax concessions, research and development/skills development/export program grants to corporate Australia

Top 10: Sex Party, Stop CSG, Building Australia Party, Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party, No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics, Senator Online, Australian Independents, Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, Stable Population Party, One Nation

Bottom 10: The Australian Republicans, Secular Party of Australia, DLP, Palmer United Party, Stop the Greens, Smokers Rights, Liberal Democrats, Liberal/The Nationals, Australian Labor Party, The Greens

Where is my vote likely to end?: Family First or the DLP