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January 2016

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2013 Victorian Senate Ballot - Ticket R – Australian Independents

Ticket R – Australian Independents http://www.australianindependents.org.au/

The Australian Independents were formed in 2013 by economics and politics lecturer Dr Patricia Petersen. Their charter seeks to re-engage the Australian community with the political process, and to promote political representatives to properly represent their electorates, not their parties.

Their policies:
For: increasing the minimum wage, government funding for charities (e.g. St Vincent’s de Paul, Anglicare, Salvation Army, Red Cross, etc.), support for single parent families, revoking recent legislation which have led to women and their families experiencing financial hardship, more public housing, housing affordability, more funding for child protection agencies and family support services, crime prevention and rehabilitation, increasing police numbers, increasing the number of fully funded university places for doctors and nurses, investment in preventative health, student nurses receiving salaries for in-hospital on the job training, more funding for mental health services, closing the gap between public and private schools, closing the education outcome gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, fully funded TAFE and university education, more investment in research and development, increased funding to science and technology research industries, responsible economic management, Budget surplus, lower taxes, lower company tax rate, increased growth and productivity, job creation, employment opportunities, national high speed rail system, additional public transport to rural and regional areas, improved public transport for people with special needs, more childcare places and facilities, increased wages for childcare workers, affordable childcare, rights of disable people, improved education/health/housing/public transport/employment/social opportunities for people with disabilities, increase the wage threshold for the Disability Support Pension, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, ensuring the NDIS is compatible with the needs of people with disabilities and their carers, significantly increase the Carers Allowance, increase respite support, remove the age limit from the NDIS, ensure seniors have access to affordable health/dental care and cheaper private health insurance, three year price freeze on electricity, reducing hospital waiting lists, narrower gap payments for health services, ensure good quality and affordable aged care for all, increase the salaries of aged care nurses, improved and extended in-home support for seniors, fire sprinklers in all aged care homes, promotion of healthy lifestyles, healthy diet and exercise related educational programs, more investment in preventative health, increase child and adult participation in sport, increased financial/health/social support for veterans, military only to be deployed for self defence and peacekeeping, UN military action to prevent invasion of other countries/genocide/human rights abuses, improve access to artistic and cultural experiences for all Australian, additional funding for arts training, additional funding for arts projects in rural and regional areas, collective bargaining, safer workplaces, increased minimum wage, pro-choice, financial support and counselling for women in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, 12 month paid parental leave scheme, human rights, all political representatives and parliamentarians to uphold international human rights and humanitarian law, closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, increased funding and support for Indigenous communities in all regards, increasing the Renewable Energy Target to 30+% by 202 and 75% by 2030, net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040, renewable energy sources, more investment in the renewables industry, regulating the dairy industry, assisting the dairy industry to be viable, refugees being processed in or near their own countries, increasing the humanitarian intake to 50 000 per year, placing asylum seekers in rural and regional areas, asylum seekers who arrive by boat to be flown back to their own countries for processing, awareness campaigns to inform asylum seekers of the locations of refugee processing centres in their own countries, high quality legal representation for all Australians, fair and equitable legal system, more investment in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, harsher penalties for victim-related crimes, harsher penalties from crimes/cruelty to animals, regulating the banking sector to ensure banks pass on full interest rate cuts and increases, promote competition within the banking sector, promoting the importance of vaccinations and fertility control for pets, electoral commissions to distribute a booklet with all candidates and their policies to households, all candidates to have the opportunity to place one how to vote card in polling booths

Against: Homelessness, poverty, the changes to the Single Parent’s Allowance, HECS, TAFE fees, wasteful spending, the compliance and red tape burden on small business, nuclear weapons, bullying, coal seam gas mining, gas fired power stations, transporting and exporting uranium, toxic waste, ATM fees, banks holding onto customer funds for an unreasonable length of time (e.g. clearance times for cheques), puppies and kittens being sold in pet shops, puppy farming, caging of large birds, predator pets being allowed to roam after dark, native animal culls, oceanic noise pollution, whaling, human cruelty to animals, donations to political parties by unions and corporations, government corruption, electoral advertising and how to vote cards at polling booths, electoral advertising

Top 10: Australian Democrats, Australian Christians, Rise Up Australia Party, Family First, DLP, Sex Party, Australian Voice Party, Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party, Bullet Train for Australia, Animal Justice Party
Bottom 10: Shooters and Fishers, Smokers Rights, Liberal Democrats, Stop the Greens, Citizens Electoral Council, Katter’s Australian Party, Palmer United Party, The Greens, Liberal/The Nationals, Australian Labor Party

Where is my vote likely to end up?: Family First or the DLP


Thoroughly confused by some of the preference decisions that have been made this election.
You and me both! It's made me glad that I'm going through all of this carefully, and not just assuming that parties with similar policies are preferencing each other.