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January 2016

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Victorian Senate Ballot Ticket T

Ticket T – (no name) (no campaign website - policy information collated from http://anarchistmedia.org/ and http://candobetter.net/)

Dr Joseph Toscano and Beth Matthews are Melbourne anarchists running a joint independent ticket. Toscano is well known for running an independent Senate ticket at most elections despite not being enrolled to vote, as since he is entitled to register to vote he is entitled to run for office. Toscano is also well known as a community radio broadcaster and community activist, and the founder of Friends of OUR ABC.

Their policies:
For: citizen initiated referenda, equality, anti-discrimination, a treaty between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, Indigenous land rights, civil liberties, ultimate political authority being in the hands of the people, replacing the states with a Federation of 50 Regional Councils, a 1% market turnover tax and a wealth tax to further fund public health/education/services/infrastructure, climate change mitigation, an economic system based of cooperatives and collectives, the ABC, reclaiming the radical spirit of the Eureka Rebellion, extending Medicare, recall elections, informal voting by those who don’t believe in the system, a People’s Bank, community councils, housing affordability, Royal Commission into corruption, more public housing, encouraging people to take direct action (protests, occupations, boycotts, etc.), equal access to society’s wealth, public spaces

Against: corporate capitalism, privatising the ABC, commercials on the ABC, predatory behaviour of banks, corruption, corporate influence on government, the wealth gap, council bylaws being used to remove protesters from public space

Top 10: The Wikileaks Party, The Greens, Animal Justice Party, The Australian Republicans, Secular Party of Australia, Help End Marijuana Prohibition Party, Senator Online, Bank Reform Party, Stable Population Party, Australian Labor Party

Bottom 10: Liberal Democrats, Australian Christians, DLP, No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics, Smokers Rights, Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party, Shooters and Fishers, Palmer United Party, Family First, Rise Up Australia Party

Where will my vote likely end?: The Greens or Labor