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January 2016

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Victorian Senate Ballot Ticket U – Stop CSG

Ticket U – Stop CSG http://www.stopcsgparty.org.au/

The Stop CSG Party was founded in 2013 by NSW environmentalist Gordon Fraser. It aims to ban coal seam gas (CSG) mining in Australia.

Their policies:
For: environment, ethical behaviour, transparency, accountability, renewable energy, ecologically sustainable development, energy efficiency, clean water, water availability, respect for land ownership, land owners to be guaranteed right of refusal of entry to their land, land owners living up to their obligations to care for/nurture/manage their land, new development approvals must include complete verification that the proposal will not be harmful to people or the environment now or in the future, people/agencies who damage land or ecosystem to bear the full and ongoing cost of complete rehabilitation, people/agencies who carry out activities that harm human health or the environment to undertake and fund all relief/mitigation/compensation, precautionary principle to be applied to all development decision making, baseline testing for all development projects, industries and processes to be closely monitored and regularly reported on, regulation of licenses, consent conditioning, responsible governance of industries and processes, carbon management and reduction, emissions minimisation, carbon mitigation, carbon/emissions sequestration

Against: coal seam gas mining, other unconventional gas mining, fossil fuel energy, non-renewable energy, water pollution, land owners granting access to/use of land to activities/use that are damaging or create a net community wide disadvantage, industrial and business activities which are harmful to human health,

Top 10: Senator Online, Help End Marijuana Prohibition, Bullet Train for Australia, Australian Democrats, Sex Party, Stable Population Party, Family First, Animal Justice Party, Building Australia Party, Australian Independents

Bottom 10: Tim Wilms (Liberal Democrats), Steve Malcolm (Shooters and Fishers), Simon Christie (Stop the Greens), Peter William Whelan (Liberal Democrats), Terry Maloney (Shooters and Fishers), John Rodda (No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics), Rosalie Crestani (Rise Up Australia Party), Chris Dawson (No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics), Daniel Nalliah (Rise Up Australia Party), Mark Farrell (DLP)

Where is my vote likely to end?: Family First or The Greens