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In Nomine Rosa

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19 July
Finally updated my geek code. Well get around to more actual description for here later.

GO d--(++$) s-:-- a? C++(+++) !U P L E? W++ N+ o K w O? M V? PS+(++) PE- Y+ PGP- t+++ 5++ X+ R* tv- b++++ DI+ D G e(++++) h- r++ x?
Get the code decoded here

LJ team, my first post is on my date of birth.
7th sea, angel, anime, anne maccaffrey, archery, asperger's syndrome, astate, astronomy, autism, babylon 5, baron munchausen, being evil, bisexual, books, buffy, camarilla, cardassians, cats, changeling the dreaming, chocolate, comedy, comics, computer games, computers, cultural studies, cyberpunk, david eddings, deverry, diane duane, doctor who, douglas adams, ds9, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, emilie autumn, emma dean, environmental justice, evanescence, evil, falcon twin, fanfic, fantasy, feminism, fiction, final fantasy, firefly, flames, freeforms, fuh-q, games, geeks, goth, gul dukat, harry potter, hellsing, ice cream, icons, japan, japanese culture, jen kingswell, katharine kerr, killer bunnies, knives, korner, l5r, labyrinth, larp, mage the awakening, manga, medical kingdom, monty python, movies, music, my cat is evil, mythology, neil gaiman, nightwish, occult, online rpgs, orpheus, pern, pgsm, physics, pirates of the caribbean, pretty guardian sailormoon, princess bride, queer, raymond feist, reading, rifts, rocky horror picture show, roleplaying, ruby gloom, sailormoon, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, shadowrun, shiny things, singing, social justice, space, star trek, star wars, stars, stimming, swords, tenoh haruka, terry pratchett, the jane austen argument, the princess bride, tom dickens, torture devices, torturing characters, two lumps, vampire the requiem, violin music, warcrack, warcraft, werewolf the apocalypse, werewolf the forsaken, wolfsheim, world domination, world of darkness, world of warcraft, wow, writing, xkcd

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